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Re: [Axiom-developer] lisp dead code

From: Gabriel Dos Reis
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] lisp dead code
Date: 13 May 2007 16:31:36 -0500

address@hidden writes:

| I've been using the method of finding the root of the code tree and
| walking the branches. At each branch node, the code is collected and
| documented, the variables it depends on are collected and documented
| and the code is reorganized.  The data structures used in the code are
| documented. When this process is completed for a root node it will end
| up in a package with only the exposed API functions exported.
| The interpreter is gradually moving into bookvol5

What I've found very disturbing, is that the bookvol5 documentation
does *not document* the interpreter.  It only plagiarize, in English,
what was written in Boot or Lisp.  I can read from the codes that,
e.g. *eof* is set to nil in ncTopLevel.  When I'm reading a
documentation, I'm more interested in *why* the code is doing what it
is doing, not what it is literally doing -- because, that, I can read
from the code.  

I was also wondering what was gained by translated what was in Boot to

I would encourage people to preserve and improve working Boot codes,
and document *why* they are doing what they are doing.

-- Gaby

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