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Re: [Axiom-developer] Compiler speed

From: Martin Rubey
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] Compiler speed
Date: 10 May 2007 08:28:40 +0200
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Waldek Hebisch <address@hidden> writes:

> Martin Rubey wrote:
> > Unfortunately, I do not have the time to check this now.  Maybe you could
> > compile some mini domain or package, quit axiom, delete libdb.text, start
> > axiom, )lib MINIDOMAIN, and check whether HyperDoc finds MINIDOMAIN, or,
> > hopefully equivalently, libdb.text contains the necessary information.
> > 
> I have checked this now using a trivial category.  Both before appling a
> patch and after:
> 1) compailing a file updated local libdb.text
> 2) )lib command _do not_ update libdb.text

but, it seems to me, if there is no libdb.text and I issue )lib, then
libdb.text will be created.  Do you observe different behaviour?

Note that I do not care about *updating* libdb.text, but only about
creation. The idea is: I contribute a package, the user compiles it -- either
from within axiom, but more likely using aldor, and he's got a libdb.text.

> 3) Even if local libdb.text is absent after issuing )lib command HyperDoc
>    finds new constructors.

I thought that issuing )lib would create libdb.text. At least, that's what I
observed until now.
> AFAICS libdb.text is only needed for installed files -- because we
> do not install .NRLIB directories.  )lib can find documentation in
> index.KAF file, 

Hm, but if I generate my library using the aldor compiler (externally),
index.KAF is *not* created, but HyperDoc (and getDatabase) still finds the


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