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[Axiom-developer] Desired functionality from noweb

From: daly
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Desired functionality from noweb
Date: Mon, 7 May 2007 10:07:22 -0500


re: stripping headers

It should be reasonably straightforward (except that there is no such
thing as a simple job) to write the function

 latex(pamphlet,recognizers) -> graph

provided we follow the latex style for chunks. 

Foreach '\' in pamphlet
  if recognize()
   then updategraph()
 until recognized

where recognize() returns true if it finds tag to handle
and updategraph adds the tagged info to the graph.

I already do that structurally in gclweb so let me take a crack
at generalizing it to parse the latex to a graph.

Once that happens it would be straightforward to remove the headers.


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