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[Axiom-developer] PFE, Complex and INT

From: Martin Rubey
Subject: [Axiom-developer] PFE, Complex and INT
Date: 03 May 2007 12:41:46 +0200
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Dear all,

regarding Issue #352 and possibly #351, I experimented a little.  The starting
point is the documentation of PFECAT, in catdef.spad:

)abbrev category PFECAT PolynomialFactorizationExplicit
++ Author: James Davenport
++ Description:
++ This is the category of domains that know "enough" about
++ themselves in order to factor univariate polynomials over themselves.
++ This will be used in future releases for supporting factorization
++ over finitely generated coefficient fields, it is not yet available
++ in the current release of axiom.

Many domain constructors like, for example, Complex export PFECAT, with the
condition that their arguments has PFECAT and possibly satisfies some other
conditions, too.  However, at the moment, not even Integer exports PFECAT, so,
in effect, it is not yet used.  Curiously, it implements most of the operations
needed, so I'd think we could simply make Integer or rather IntegerNumberSystem
export PFECAT.

A related category is UniqueFactorizationDomain, also defined in catdef:

)abbrev category UFD UniqueFactorizationDomain
++ A constructive unique factorization domain, i.e. where
++ we can constructively factor members into a product of
++ a finite number of irreducible elements.

What I really wanted is to be able to say

(5) -> 2::FR COMPLEX INT

   (5)  - %i (1 + %i)
                                               Type: Factored Complex Integer

So, I modified COMPCAT as follows, i.e., since I don't know about square free
factorization, I just used factor.

I'd be very interested in comments.


diff -c /home/martin/lib/axiom/target/i686-pc-linux/src/algebra/gaussian.spad
*** /home/martin/lib/axiom/target/i686-pc-linux/src/algebra/gaussian.spad
2007-05-02 20:39:25.000000000 +0200
--- /home/martin/gaussian.spad  2007-05-03 09:30:12.000000000 +0200
*** 91,96 ****
--- 91,97 ----
           ++ "failed" if x is not a rational number.
       if R has PolynomialFactorizationExplicit and R has EuclideanDomain then
+      if R has UniqueFactorizationDomain then UniqueFactorizationDomain
         import MatrixCategoryFunctions2(%, Vector %, Vector %, Matrix %,
                                         R, Vector R, Vector R, Matrix R)
*** 116,121 ****
--- 117,130 ----
               --!gcdPolynomial(pp,qq) == modularGcd(pp,qq)$TT
               solveLinearPolynomialEquation(lp:List Sup,p:Sup) ==
+              squareFree x == 
+                y: Complex Integer := complex(convert(real x)@Integer, 
+                                              convert(imag x)@Integer)
+                z: Factored Complex Integer :=
+                mf: Complex Integer -> % := complex(real(#1)::R, imag(#1)::R)
+                map(mf #1, z)$FactoredFunctions2(Complex Integer, %)
            normPolynomial: Sup -> SupR
            normPolynomial pp ==
                map(retract(address@hidden)::R,pp * map(conjugate,pp))

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