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[Axiom-developer] gclweb.lisp

From: daly
Subject: [Axiom-developer] gclweb.lisp
Date: Wed, 2 May 2007 18:36:47 -0500


gclweb is only intended as an interim hack until we move to ANSI,
at which point I expect that the CWK algorithms will be used.

We should, however, debate the question of what FUNCTION we want
out of the pamphlets, as opposed to style and form. Do we want
hyperlinking, biblographic references, unit and regression 
testing, URL parsing, )compile compatibility, hyperdoc/html
processing, drag-and-drop processing, user examples, etc.

Since you've been pioneering the implementation of these ideas
using ALLPROSE perhaps you can put together an initial proposal
which we could maintain as "the pamphlet proposal". An initial
version would be an outline of the ALLPROSE current function.

Style and form questions are much harder to debate because we
have so many options. I feel we have to distinguish these from
their intended function so we don't get hung up in the details.

CWK's clweb is the better place to experiment since
it is more forward-looking and the long term strategy.


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