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[Axiom-developer] Re: process and bibtex

From: C Y
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Re: process and bibtex
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2007 18:10:48 -0700 (PDT)

--- address@hidden wrote:

> Please copy the list. 

Opps.  Sorry about that.

> Just send updates as you get them. I read the document you gave me at
> ECCAD and built the literate version you sent.

Thanks!  By my estimate in another day or two I will have a version I'm
willing to post to the list.

> I still have about 30
> more iterations of Axiom builds before I've run merged and tested the
> current queued changes so it will be a while yet.


> I'm looking at a version that will run under GCL but keeping your
> original for the future ANSI version. I want to set up one file
> in the next release that builds using a version of clweb so we
> can experiment.

OK.  That will require the other half of noweb - translation to valid
LaTeX.  Hmm.  Letssee...

> We can use Beebe's bibtex file. Tell me what bibtex commands
> you'd like to have happen with clweb, what files are involved,
> and I'll put it into the build.

The latex part is nothing fancy:

latex cl-web-v0.5.lisp.tex
bibtex cl-web-v0.5.lisp
latex cl-web-v0.5.lisp.tex
latex cl-web-v0.5.lisp.tex

The files needed are:
and a required style file:

The former is explicitly public domain, the latter has no license or
copyright statement at all - I doubt it would be a problem to use it
but I should drop him an email to be sure.  I'm currently using a test
bst file but I'll switch it over to the plain one - no point in
tackling too many issues at once.

That's a point, actually - is there a bibtex style file that folks
would regard as the "best" style to use for Axiom pamphlets?

The graphic for the finite state diagram I suspect needs to remain in
postscript format, as we don't want to add graphviz to the build
requirements.  I'm not quite sure how to handle that - perhaps include
the dot source as an appendix?

The command, for the record, is:

dot -Tps -o

I'd still like to find some way of organizing the bibliography so it is
viewable by category, but doing so is highly non-trivial.  The primary
difficulty with not doing so is finding a way to quickly answer the
questions "does Axiom's bibliography already have this paper in it" and
"if it does, what is the string I use to cite it?"  I suppose that's a
problem for an editor more than anything - my admittedly crude attempt
to create a system for divvying up the file by PACS and MSC2000
classifications is probably insufficient to cover all the needed
categories, and the ACM Computing Classification System (1998) is
copyrighted with usage terms that clearly would require specific
permission to use it in something like this.  (MSC2000 and PACS don't
seem to say much about it one way or the other.)  What we probably need
in reality is an editor that allows convenient and fast searching of a
very large bibliography by keyword/author/title/etc.

This topic died back a while ago as very little truly literate work has
been going on, but now that it's come up again can anyone recommend
tools for dealing efficiently with very large bibliographies?


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