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RE: [Axiom-developer] differences wh-sandbox andbuild-improvements

From: Bill Page
Subject: RE: [Axiom-developer] differences wh-sandbox andbuild-improvements
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2007 00:52:04 -0400

On April 16, 2007 7:57 PM Gaby wrote:
> ... 
> > $ make
> this step, attempts to install things for me (which I was
> surprised of), and goes into infinite loop.  There is no way
> to effectively stop the build, except killing the msys shell
> itself.

It would be very useful to me if you could include some actual
output cut-and-paste from your attempt.

Obviously this behaviour of make is very bizarre. I do not see
any attempt to install things when I run make (as the output
in my last email showed). Of course it does later if I run
'make install'.  Therefore something rather fundamental must
be different between your configuration and mine.

Does your Makefile start like this?

# generated by automake 1.9.6 from
# Makefile.  Generated from by configure.

Does your output from make at least start like this (before
it goes into a loop)?

Making all in bin
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/Administrator/autoconf-2.60/bin'
rm -f autom4te autom4te.tmp
sed -e 's|@address@hidden|/bin/sh|g' -e 's|@address@hidden|/bin/perl|g' -e
's|@address@hidden|/usr/local/bin|g' -e


I.e. a normal recursive make?

So far I can only think of 3 possible causes:

1) Makefile is corrupt

   - What version of tar do you use?


     $ tar --version
     tar (GNU tar) 1.13.19

   - Windows line endings (cr)

     only Unix line endings are expected

2) Different version of make?


   $ make --version
   GNU Make version 3.79.1, by Richard Stallman and Roland McGrath.

3) Different shell?


   $ sh --version    
   GNU bash, version 2.04.0(1)-release (i686-pc-msys)
   Copyright 1999 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

Perhaps 2 and 3 are already ruled out since apparently both you
and I can build gcl and Axiom from build-improvements without
any problem.


Bill Page.

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