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RE: [Axiom-developer] FW: Axiom on Solaris 10.2 x86

From: Bill Page
Subject: RE: [Axiom-developer] FW: Axiom on Solaris 10.2 x86
Date: Sun, 8 Apr 2007 17:43:58 -0400


On April 8, 2007 2:13 PM you wrote:
> ... 
> "Bill Page" <address@hidden> writes:
> | 
> | Sorry, the earlier patch also did not work on 'i386-pc-solaris2.10'.
> | The same error as before. No -lsocket was added to the gcc command.
> Huh.  It was added on my machine and compiler-link failed
> precisely because the system ld could not find -lsocket.  I have
> special cased solaris.  The build was OK on both i686-suse-linux
> and x86_64-suse-linux.  If your build fails, please send me again
> your config.log. 

Perhaps I just screwed up the previous patch last night. The build
completed this time but I did have to make the following additional

-bash-3.00$ svn diff src/sman/Makefile.pamphlet
Index: src/sman/Makefile.pamphlet
--- src/sman/Makefile.pamphlet  (revision 496)
+++ src/sman/Makefile.pamphlet  (working copy)
@@ -35,13 +35,13 @@
 session_sources = session.c
 session_SOURCES = $(addsuffix .pamphlet, $(session_sources))
 session_objects = $(session_sources:.c=.$(OBJEXT))
-session_LDADD = -L$(build_libdir) -lspad
+session_LDADD = -L$(build_libdir) -lspad @axiom_c_runtime_extra@

 spadclient_sources = spadclient.c
 spadclient_SOURCES = $(addsuffix .pamphlet, $(spadclient_sources))
 spadclient_objects = $(spadclient_sources:.c=.$(OBJEXT))
-spadclient_LDADD = -L$(build_libdir) -lspad
+spadclient_LDADD = -L$(build_libdir) -lspad @axiom_c_runtime_extra@
 spadclient_DEPENDENCIES =

 sman_sources = sman.c


> | I will revert the earlier patch and svn update and try again.
> | 
> | The first thing to check immedately after ./configure is the
> | src/sman/Makefile, I guess...
> Yes, see what gets substituted there.

I think the build is ok now and I can start AXIOMsys. But I
do get an error when I try hyperdoc:

-bash-3.00$ axiom
(HyperDoc) read_ht_db: No ht.db file found
GCL (GNU Common Lisp)  2.6.8 CLtL1    Apr  7 2007 01:22:27
Source License: LGPL(gcl,gmp), GPL(unexec,bfd,xgcl)
Binary License:  GPL due to GPL'ed components: (XGCL BFD UNEXEC)
Modifications of this banner must retain notice of a compatible license
Dedicated to the memory of W. Schelter

Use (help) to get some basic information on how to use GCL.
Temporary directory for compiler files set to /tmp/
                        AXIOM Computer Algebra System
             Version: Axiom build-improvements branch 2006-04-07
                Timestamp: Monday April 9, 2007 at 06:30:33
   Issue )copyright to view copyright notices.
   Issue )summary for a summary of useful system commands.
   Issue )quit to leave AXIOM and return to shell.

(1) ->
(1) -> 1+1

   (1)  2

(2) -> )quit

   Please enter y or yes if you really want to leave the interactive
      environment and return to the operating system:


HyperDoc does not start but otherwise Axiom is ok.

Any ideas on why ht.db is not found?

I haven't run HyperDoc recently from the build-improvements
branch. Have you tested this and do you expect it to work?

I will now try to build from wh-sandbox which I believe includes
a number of significant changes to hyperdoc which are not yet
brought into build-improvements.

Bill Page.

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