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Re: [Axiom-developer] Re: new problem compiling wh-sandbox

From: Christian Aistleitner
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] Re: new problem compiling wh-sandbox
Date: Tue, 03 Apr 2007 18:19:11 +0200
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It seems however not so totally trivial to adapt AldorUnit for Axiom since Axiom does not have exception handling. And there are some more details which Christian could report about.

yes, there are indeed several problems and after discussing some of them with Martin, he said he'll have a look. So not all issues are resolved yet and as it is not a top priority issue for myself now, I assume that some time will pass until there is some "AxiomUnit" from me or Martin.

Writing tests like

basically works. But you don't get too much help from such a framework when resolving issues. For straightforward or obvious errors in code, such test might do. However, I assume you'll soon reach a point where you cannot test what you intend to test--because of the limitations imposed by your approach. But don't get me wrong. I like every step towards test driven development. Be it some kind to specify tests or a full-blown testing framework.

In any case, I got used to JUnit and modelled AldorUnit after it. Since Axiom and Aldor are rather closely connected I think both sides would profit from using a common syntax to denote tests.

For example the Aldor-combinat project compiles to Aldor and Axiom. I suggest it would be of great value to them to be able to reuse their tests for the Axiom testing machinery. I do not know Axiom too well. So can you point me to a document I can read, so I get the where your testing machinery is heading to? Afterwards it would certainly be good to discuss AldorUnit tests in Axiom and Axiom tests in Aldor.

Kind regards,

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