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[Axiom-developer] depsys and SBCL

From: Gabriel Dos Reis
Subject: [Axiom-developer] depsys and SBCL
Date: 27 Mar 2007 11:05:40 -0500


  In my local tree, I was able to eventually twist Axiom to get it
compilable by SBCL.  During that process, I unconvered various dubious
practices in the current system (mainly between vmlisp.lisp and
macro.lisp).  SBCL will accept to compile depsys only if I tell it to
ignore many redefinitions of Common Lisp symbols (I'll discuss that in
a separate message).

  CLISP almost compiles SBCL -- it errors out on def.lisp saying
that there is an illegal character #\Stx in the source file -- I have
no idea of what that means.  If I omit def.lisp, the depsys
compiles fine -- I have not tried the resulting translator however.

This is just a head up.  If you know anything about the illegal
character \#Stx, please let me know.

Ah, one more thing: Currently, there is this dubious definition in

   (deftype |DFlo| () t)
   (deftype |DFlo| () 'long-float)

followed by

   (defconstant |DFloInit| (the |DFlo| 0.0d0))

which is an error because 0.0d0 is not long-float -- rather a double-float.

Looking more at this, I think the |DFlo| should not be conditional.
Furthermore, I think we should use double-float instead of long-float
-- it fits more in most modern FPU and its underyling representation
is more widely uniform.
This is a change for people connecting Axiom to Aldor through FOAM.
Please speak up.

-- Gaby

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