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[Axiom-developer] New url for SourceForge SVN

From: Bill Page
Subject: [Axiom-developer] New url for SourceForge SVN
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2006 00:13:42 -0500

Thanks to the message from 'billitch' and the work of David Burley
at SourceForge it seems that we might finally have a solution to
our problems with access to svn at SourceForge! For the first time
since we started to use svn I have actually be able to complete an
entire checkout of the build-improvements sources using Tortiose
SVN on Windows without any failures of any kind. In all other
cases TortioseSVN has always failed with one HTTP-related error
message or another and irrevocably locked the archive so that it
was completely unusable. Using svn from the commmand line in both
Linux and Windows frequently gave the "secure connection truncated
errors" which neceesitated re-starting the check-out many times to
get a complete and usable copy of the repository.

At long last I finally have an Axiom svn archive on Windows that
I can really use! :-)

Using the formula given by David Burley below, the new url for
accessing the build-improvements branch at SourceForge is:

The usual variations of this url can be used check out the trunk
or other branches.

I highly recommend that other Axiom developers give this a try.
Notice that David also describes how to switch an existing
repository to use the new url via the 'svn switch --relocate'

Thank you very much to David Burley at SourceForge for making this
new url available and for the changes to Apache/SVN/network that
corrected the problems.

Bill Page.

> Waldek Hebisch wrote:
> > 
> > We have problem with SF SVN: first Gaby then I can not make 
> > "svn copy". Adding file works, but emulating "svn copy" via
> > removal and addition of a copy increases repository size, which
> > may bit us in the future.
> > 
> > Actually I am merging changes from build-improvements. I tried
> > to "svn copy" gcl and noweb, but I am getting errors:
> > 
> > svn: COPY of gcl: 403 Forbidden (
> > 
> > I am reluctant to commit gcl without sharing, so I will probably
> > commit a version which requires users to separately fetch gcl
> > (and noweb) if needed.
> > 

On December 18, 2006 11:45 PM billitch wrote:
> Hi !
> I had the same problem and this post fixed my problems :
> I now acces via the new URL scheme and everything works...
> Kinda strange solution but at least it works.

On 2006-11-30 15:45 burley ( Site Admin) wrote:

> Greetings,
> I have created another access method for SVN repositories
> hosted on This new access method is
> currently undocumented but is generally accessible. I
> believe this new method may solve the secure connection
> truncated errors, and perhaps some others, but haven't had
> enough time to fully test it to be sure. However, as its
> little effort and risk to try it out (it uses the same data
> on disk, etc.), you may want to give it a shot and let me
> know on this ticket if it resolves your issues.
> To use this new SVN access method, you'll need to access SVN
> through the following URL spec:
> note that the only change is that your project's UNIX name
> is added to the front of the hostname (i.e.
> gets modified to
>, nothing else changes.
> To make this change on an existing working copy, which I
> recommend you make a backup of first, just in case, do the
> following:
> 1. Run 'svn info' at the root of the repository content, it
> should display a line that appears similar to:
>   URL:
> 2. Run the following command at the root of the working copy:
> svn switch --relocate /
>  /
> This example is for the project gaim, but it would modify
> similarly for any other project. If it works for you, please
> post feedback here. If it doesn't, please also post feedback
> here.
> Thank you,
> David Burley
> Quality of Service Analyst,

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