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[Axiom-developer] PATCH : parenthesis problem in src/interp/monitor.lisp

From: Vanuxem Gregory
Subject: [Axiom-developer] PATCH : parenthesis problem in src/interp/monitor.lisp.pamphlet
Date: Sat, 25 Nov 2006 11:57:27 +0100

--- src/interp/monitor.lisp.pamphlet.old
+++ src/interp/monitor.lisp.pamphlet
@@ -511,7 +511,7 @@
  (eval `(trace (,name :cond (progn (monitor-incr ',name) nil))))
  (setf (gethash name *monitor-table*)
-     :name name :count 0 :monitorp t :sourcefile sourcefile)))))
+     :name name :count 0 :monitorp t :sourcefile sourcefile)))
 (defun monitor-delete (fn)
  "delete a function from the monitor table"


These parenthesis problems (nocompil.lisp (previously sent patch) and
this one) prevent loading of these files in, at least, SBCL, GCL-2.7.0
(CVS HEAD) and clisp. 


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