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Re: [Axiom-developer] better pty patch

From: Gabriel Dos Reis
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] better pty patch
Date: 22 Nov 2006 02:09:54 +0100

Waldek Hebisch <address@hidden> writes:

| Many systems (Linux, BSD and supposedly also Mac OS X) provide 'openpty'
| function as a preferred method to open a pty (for example on Linux
| 'openpty' will use Unix 98 ptys, but if those are not available it
| will fall back to legacy ptys).  'openpty' seem to be available
| in 'libutil', so in order to use it we must link to 'libutil'.
| The patch below tries to 'openpty': add configure check and auguments
| compiler and linker argument.  There are some things which probably
| should be done in different way (please comment):
| 1) configure defines 'HAVE_OPENPTY' preprocessor symbol, this symbol
|    is then propagated via 'DEFS' make variable and compile command
|    line.  Alternatively we could have a common header file generated
|    by configure

Yes, configure can generate a headef file for us to included, instead
of the current hackery of XXXplatform.   

  (1) You need to issue


      in  This tells Autoconf (and especially
      Autoheader) that we are going to define CPP macros to
      communicate with thwe C programs, and we want to collect all
      those macros in the file config/axiom-c-macros.h.  Every
      AC_DEFINE you'll issue will end up there.

  (2) Run autoheader.  It should create a file named
      in the config/ directory.  Add it to the repository.

  (3) Modify the INC variable (this really should be set system-wide,
      I think), to include the path to config, e.g. add


      [ The reason why I use $(abs_top_builddir) instead of the
       "simpler" $(top_builddir) is that there is a bug in Autoconf
       2.59 that would leave the variable top_builddir undefined.
       That is fixed in later versions, but unless we require Autoconf
       2.60 I think we're better with the absolute path. ]

  (4) Have the C programs include "axiom-c-macros.h"


| +\section{Extra libraries}
| +
| +Axiom supporting programs [[sman]] and [[clef]] use pseudo terminals.
| +To open pseudo terminals we use [[openpty]] if available, otherwise
| +we fall back to platform specific code.
| +
| +<<extra libraries>>=
| + [EXTRA_LIBS="-lutil"]))
| +@

It is not enough to test for the library.  You have to test for the
headers <util.h> or <pty.h> too.  Furthermore, you need to check for the
declaration of the function openpty() -- not just its presence as
symbol in a library.

    # Check for <util.h>; if inexistent, check for <pty.h>
                    ]) # HAVE_UTIL_H or HAVE_PTY_H

    AC_CHECK_DECL([openpty], [], [],
                  [#if HAVE_UTIL_H
                   # include <util.h>
                   #elif HAVE_PTY_H
                   # include <pty.h>
                  ]) # HAVE_OPENPTY_DECL

    AC_CHECK_LIB([util], [openpty],
                  EXTRA_LIBS="$EXTRA_LIBS -lutil"
                 ]) # HAVE_OPENPTY


| +We should really use autotools to check for Unix 98 pty support.
| +Before this is done below we hardcode information about each platform.
| +
|  \section{License}
|  <<license>>=
|  /*
| @@ -70,6 +62,9 @@
|  #include <stropts.h>
|  #endif
| +#ifdef HAVE_OPENPTY
| +#include <pty.h>
| +#endif

This should be something like

   #  if HAVE_UTIL_H
   #    include <util.h>
   #  elif HAVE_PTY_H
   #    include <pty.h>
   /* The symbol openpty is allegedly present but its
      declaration was not found in any of the above headers.
      So, we fake it here.  Note this is NOT a prototype
      declaration.  */
   int openpty();


|  #include "openpty.H1"
| @@ -104,7 +99,10 @@
|  #endif
|  {
| -#if defined(SUNplatform) || defined (HP9platform) || defined(RTplatform) 
||defined(AIX370platform) || defined(BSDplatform)
| +#ifdef HAVE_OPENPTY

This should be


-- Gaby

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