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Re: [Axiom-developer] Am I buggy ? Internal error...

From: Francois Maltey
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] Am I buggy ? Internal error...
Date: 21 Nov 2006 13:15:40 +0100
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Here is a minimal package which recursively maps an expression.
I can compile it on the silver branch, but I can't use it.

In the interpreter I test :

EI := Expression Integer
pp (x:EI) : EI == x+1
mapRec (sin (sin x), pp)
)abbrev package ESS EssaiMapRec

EssaiMapRec (R, F): Exports == Implementation where
  R : Join(OrderedSet, GcdDomain)
  F : Join(FunctionSpace R, TranscendentalFunctionCategory)

  K       ==> Kernel F                             
  P       ==> SparseMultivariatePolynomial (R, K)  

  Exports ==> with
    mapRec      : (F, F -> F) -> F

  Implementation ==> add

    import PolynomialCategoryLifting (IndexedExponents K, K, R, P, F)

    mapRec (x, fct) ==
-- in must use a new variable fct1 because I can't compile with fct in fct3
      fct1 := fct
      fct (map (fct2, #1::F, numer x) / map (fct2, #1::F, denom x))
        fct3 (xx:F):F == mapRec (xx, fct1)
        fct2 (y:K):F == 
          nullary? (op := operator y) => y::F
          op (map (fct3, argument y))

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