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[Axiom-developer] PATCH : retrieval of Stream from a KAF file

From: Vanuxem Gregory
Subject: [Axiom-developer] PATCH : retrieval of Stream from a KAF file
Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2006 17:48:29 +0100


Here is a small patch that fixes the incorrect retrieval of some Streams
from a KAF file. It replaces 'EQ' by 'EQUAL' for comparisons of strings.
There are some other unmodified uses of EQ in this file. They need
further investigations and in particular I need to look at what I
consider a big issue : equality with object of type 'Any' (I postponed
my work on Stream).

--- src/algebra/stream.spad.pamphlet.old        2006-11-17 16:59:13.000000000
+++ src/algebra/stream.spad.pamphlet    2006-11-17 17:24:39.000000000 +0100
@@ -647,8 +647,8 @@
     Rep := Record(firstElt: S, restOfStream: %)
-    explicitlyEmpty? x == EQ(frst x,NullStream)$Lisp
-    lazy? x            == EQ(frst x,NonNullStream)$Lisp
+    explicitlyEmpty? x == EQUAL(frst x,NullStream)$Lisp
+    lazy? x            == EQUAL(frst x,NonNullStream)$Lisp
 --% signatures of local functions


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