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Re: [Axiom-developer] Eval in Axiom/Aldor

From: Gabriel Dos Reis
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] Eval in Axiom/Aldor
Date: 16 Nov 2006 14:23:15 +0100

Ralf Hemmecke <address@hidden> writes:

| Aha! Thanks. So whenever I write a spad function "elt" internally it
| is translated to "apply" and thus the interpreter never sees "elt".

What I showed is the code for the SPAD to Axiom interface.

The SPAD interpreter likes "elt" and works with it.

| Is that interpretation of the snippet correct? Or what is that
| actually translating?
| Oh, I must be wrong, since it reads src/interp/ax.boot.pamphlet, ie,
| it belongs to the interpreter.
| But what is strange then is that the *Aldor compiler* complains about
| not finding "elt". So this translation must have been done for
|, since that is the only thing that the aldor compiler
| sees. Sounds like that translation is *not* an interpreter thing. ---

indeed, it is not for the interpreter.  See the comment in
interp/Makefile around it.

| No no, don't explain. That will pop up again when its time has come.

Too late :-)

-- Gaby

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