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[Axiom-developer] )set expose add constructor doesn't expose

From: Francois Maltey
Subject: [Axiom-developer] )set expose add constructor doesn't expose
Date: 15 Nov 2006 17:55:54 +0100
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I test my own expand function in its package UsualExpand.
The code is in ~/Axiom/expand.spad file.

I can compile this function without problem.
)cd Axiom
)co expand.spad

When I run a new axiom session I use this function by :

)cd                    -- go to the home diectory
)cd Axiom
)library USEXPAND
expand (cos (2*x))$UsualExpand(Integer,Expression Integer)
gives me cos x^2 - sin x^2.

Then I want to remplace in this axiom session the old expand in 
TranscendentalManipulations(Integer, Expression Integer) by this expand.

So I test :
)cd Axiom
)set expose drop constructor TranscendentalManipulations
)library USEXPAND
)set expose add constructor UsualExpand

But expand (cos (2*x)) uses the original expand, not the new expand.

What must I correct in this code ?

Can I use a parameter on the command line in order to set path and 
initialisation of axiom ?

There are some *.input files for testing axiom in the main axiom Makefile.
How can I rerun them and compare the results between the native expand
command and mine ?

Have a good day !


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