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[Axiom-developer] RE: [TeXmacs] WinTeXmacs - Axiom problems

From: Page, Bill
Subject: [Axiom-developer] RE: [TeXmacs] WinTeXmacs - Axiom problems
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2006 18:44:16 -0500

On Friday, November 10, 2006 7:19 AM Franz wrote:
> I´m a WinTeXmacs user since a few days, and I´m using (and 
> needing) it only as a frontend for Axiom (latest versions: 
> Axiom 0.1.4 and WinTeXmacs 1.0.5).
> First I had big problems to start an Axiom session at all (I 
> always got the error message "Could not create pipe" in 
> WinTeXmacs), until I found the reason for this problem after 
> quite a lot of trials:
> The line ´(:launch "tm_axiom")´ of the file ´init-axiom.scm´ 
> in the folder
> ´...\WinTeXmacs\TeXmacs\plugins\axiom\progs\init-axiom.scm´ 
> doesn´t work!
> When I insert a space after ´tm_axiom´, then it works - so 
> this line shoud be:
> (:launch "tm_axiom ")
> Ok, at least Axiom is now ´running´ under WinTeXmacs as a 
> session, but it is not ´working´, at least not correctly!
> There are 2 main problems I´ve found yet:
> 1) Since Axiom uses a space (´ ´) instead of a multiplication 
> character (´*´) in the output, such expressions are displayed 
> terribly in WinTexmacs.
> Trying e.g. "factor(15)" displays "35" in WinTeXmacs, where 
> of course there actually IS a space between 3 and 5, but you 
> can´t see it (since this space is too small)!
> This problem is even more dramatically for variables:
> Entering e.g. "x*y-xy" gives the result "xy-xy" ...
> 2) Even correctly formatted results from Axiom are displayed 
> wrong in WinTeXmacs - here´s only one example:
> Entering "xy/y" gives the following output:
>  y
> x-
>  y
> (If that´s not correctly displayed here, it´s a "x" 
> immediately followed by a fraction "y/y")
> Here WinTeXmacs seem to interpret "xy" as if it would be "x 
> y", although Axiom is correctly returning a TeX expression 
> ´xy \over y´!
> So only these 2 problems are absolutely enough, to not trust 
> any WinTeXmacs output of Axiom results at all - maybe you can 
> imagine, what terribly wrong ´results´ would happen for more 
> complicated expressions ...
> Is there any way to solve these problems?
> Or is there a newer version of the Axiom-WinTeXmacs interface 
> (tm_axiom) available, where these bugs have been fixed?
> Well, I hope so - otherwise we can simply forget using Axiom 
> as a WinTeXmacs session ... :-(

I presume that you are aware of the following page on the Axiom

If you installed Axiom-0.1.4 after WinTeXmacs (and therefore the
Axiom programs appear before any other in the PATH) then you should
be using a modified version of tm_axiom distributed with Axiom (see
info on above web page). In that case, setting the following options
at the top of your TeXmacs document might help:

  )set output texmacs over no
  )set output texmacs space yes

You can also set these are default by creating an environment

  TM_AXIOM='over no, space yes'

If you have problems with the Axiom verison of tm_axiom then you
can also report them here:

or on the Axiomm Developer list


BTW: Welcome to Axiom. :-) We are actively looking for people to do
Axiom development on Windows. Please drop in if you are interested.

Bill Page.

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