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Re: [Axiom-developer] build-improvements and latex

From: Ralf Hemmecke
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] build-improvements and latex
Date: Wed, 08 Nov 2006 10:53:47 +0100
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I think perhaps the pamplet files should interact with hyperdoc. Or
rather hyperdoc should be replaced with a web browser interface that
would integrate with the dvi/pdf files including hyperlinks between

I am more in favour of any webbrowser than hyperdoc. Hyperdoc looks old.
The contents is what we should care about. And then I'd like to see a nice help system. I think Mathematica has quite a reasonable one. It also links to the Mathematica book. I am not an expert in that but I guess, we can achieve it also in a normal webbrowser. The Eclipse documenation would be an example.

And yes, I like some features of hyperdoc. I like to click on a category or a domain and see its documentation and I can ask a category for all domains that implement this category. That is sometimes quite helpful. So in a replacement of hyperdoc must be as "active" as hyperdoc is now.

My dream would be to have for each bigger unit one document (which
is .dvi, .pdf or .html -- you have already seen in ALLPROSE that it
is not so hard to generate different output formats). By "bigger
unit" I approximately mean the subdirectories in src. Such a
document would be similar to the ALLPROSE stuff -- hyperlinks here
and there.

The question is whether other Axiom developers would like it or
whether there are other suggestions we could agree upon. It's a lot
of effort after all. And before I invest time there I would rather
like to know in advance what other peoples dreams are. So that I
don't have to throw away my stuff in the end.

Ralf, I appreciate that you have put a lot of work into ALLPROSE but
when I look at it I see a tool that seems more suitable to the
user/developer of Axiom library code then to the general build environment for Axiom.

OK, maybe I should say half-ALLPROSE. When I speak about ALLPROSE in the context of Axiom, it makes no sense to carry over all of the build procedures that are in there. Only that related to documentation is perhaps relevant at the moment for Axiom. It basically concerns some .sty files and some conventions of how documentation should be written.

> It that sense I see it as part of the type of
web browser interface that I referred to above.

But for development *my* dream really is not just bigger units but rather a single outline for the entire Axiom project such as is possible in Leo. This outline allows you to navigate freely just like
navigating in the src directory right down to the "chunk" level with
quick access to generated documentation, source code and the build
environment. The outline is like a tree structure but includes
"cloning" which actually creates a lattice and makes it possible to
create different "views" of the same information without duplicating

Bill, believe me, I am actually on your side. But there are a few problems.

First. I did not find Leo too attractive to me since it does not actually enforce an LP style.

Second. Although I like this idea with different views (oh that would be the "crystal idea" right?) on code+documentation, it becomes harder to actually write the documentation so that it stays human readable. The question namely is: What are the smallest resonable units that can be moved around and included in other views. If you change the content of one unit, it also has influence on another "view" where this unit is used.

So my current position is a bit hesitant although I like this "multiple-views" thing.


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