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Re: [Axiom-developer] build-improvements and latex

From: Ralf Hemmecke
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] build-improvements and latex
Date: Wed, 08 Nov 2006 00:30:36 +0100
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I think the only convincing reason that Ralf gave for his
convention for noweave was interaction with point-and-click
in dvi. But this could be achieved through a different
patch to srcltx. No?

But I guess that patch would be a bit longer. In the patch I gave, I use the fact that address@hidden (which is defined as address@hidden) automatically adds the .tex extension.

I didn't want to change srcltx.sty too much and when I stumbled over that file.sty/file.sty.tex problem, I decided for file.sty.nw.tex (just adding the .tex extension) in ALLPROSE. In that way I made the patch short and I avoided another problem. And my rule is simple.

It is even a bit more complicated. My patch basically gets the clicks right, if the file contains \input of other files. It does not work with the master file. So if one translates file.pamphlet to file.tex even with my patch one doesn't get point&click. (Or rather the click will lead to the .tex file and not to the .pamphlet.) For that to work correctly, it would need yet another patch. I haven't investigated it since in ALLPROSE I automatically generate a wrapper that includes the generated latex files (plural!).

What speaks so much against just adding .tex?
Portability? Look at the output of

cd build-improvements
find . -name '*.*.pamphlet'

Is there a plan to rename them all?


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