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[Axiom-developer] RE: gcl-2.6.8pre on MAC OSX 10.2

From: Page, Bill
Subject: [Axiom-developer] RE: gcl-2.6.8pre on MAC OSX 10.2
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2006 12:47:30 -0500


On Wednesday, November 01, 2006 10:27 AM I wrote:
> ...
> It seems that problem might be that 'sqrt' does not appear in
> plt.h. So I added a call to sqrt(d); in plttest.c and I am
> running it again.
> ... 

Ok, with your earlier change plus adding 'sqrt(d);' to plttest.c
that did it! At least I think so. The Axiom build is still
proceeding but it is well into the algebra compiles now and it
seldom fails in gcl if it gets this far... This machine is
pretty slow, so it'll probably two or three hours to complete.

Here's the patch:

ppc-osx3:~/osx $ diff -au old/gcl*/o/plttest.c new/gcl*/o/plttest.c
--- old/gcl-2.6.8pre/o/plttest.c        Thu Dec 15 10:14:18 2005
+++ new/gcl-2.6.8pre/o/plttest.c        Wed Nov  1 07:22:26 2006
@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@

+  sqrt(d);
   return 0;

ppc-osx3:~/osx $


The only other problem I encountered is a problem with the
Axiom source, I think. All occurrence of

  echo ')load ${OUT}/xxxx' >> ...

in the src/*/Makefile.pamphlet files had to be replaced with

  echo ')load ${OUT}/xxxx.${OUTEXT}' >> ...

Without the extension the build fails looking for a file
names xxxx.8

I don't know where the .8 comes from, but I think it must
have something to do with how Axiom handles the default
extension. Although I am surprised that I have only seen
this here on this PowerPC OSX 10.2 platform and not on any
other builds... ???

I'll send a patch for Axiom after I get a change to repeat
the Axiom build with a newer version of build-improvements.

Thanks for all your help!

Bill Page.

PS. Does anyone want me to try an gcl-based Maxima build
on this OSX machine?

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