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[Axiom-developer] RE: Doyen and Sage

From: Page, Bill
Subject: [Axiom-developer] RE: Doyen and Sage
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2006 23:47:36 -0400


On Wednesday, September 13, 2006 8:03 PM you wrote:

> ...
> I created an image of Doyen with Sage:
> I exhort to try it and let me know if anything is missing.

Man. You're good! :-)

I downloaded it, burned the CD and popped it into my desktop,
rebooted and there it was. Very easy. I think it boots more
quickly than Knoppix.

> I put a Sage icon on the Doyen menu.

Did I miss it? I didn't see the Sage icon.

But I had no problem running Sage from a terminal window.

> The Sage notebook should be functional also.

Yes it is. Works great. Maybe there should be a specific
icon for that too that just starts NoteBook and runs the
browser in one click.
> To take for a spin using vmware:

I have a lot of trouble running VMware on this old office
desktop. But it runs fine on a much larger machine at home
that I use for my real work... :) I'll let you know later.      

>> Yes, I think having the LatexWiki support for Sage on the
>> CD would be very desirable. (That reminds me that I promised 
>> to get those changes into the MathAction darcs repository...
>> I haven't done that yet.)
> Just let me know to add it to the CD and make it an official
> release in MathAction.

Expect the update to the repository in a couple of days.

BTW, I really like the new content in the DoyenWiki. We can
also add a few pages about Sage. There is an 'AboutSage' page
on MathAction that we can cut-up and paste.

Bill Page.

PS. We should get a copy of the DoyenCD into BitTorrent soon.
And into the Axiom Tutorial book.

Tim, since you "own" the Axiom book on Lulu can you look into how
to do this? Of course I can arrange to publish it as a separate
item and I will also add it to the CafePress Axiom Gear - but
you know, I am disappointed by how little "gear" actually gets
ordered :(  I like my Axiom mug and my Axiom baseball cap! :)

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