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Re: [Axiom-developer] DeveloperNotes.pamphlet

From: root
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] DeveloperNotes.pamphlet
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2006 07:08:53 -0400

> I have just realised that the file src/doc/axiom.sty.pamphlet 
> (build-improvements) contains noweb.sty in full. A quick look at it lets 
> me guess that only a few lines at the end of the pamphlet is actually 
> making the difference to noweb.sty. The other things are probably taken 
> to be some (fixed) version (not documented which one) of noweb.sty.nw.

The exact version of axiom--main--1--patch-50 is noweb-2.10a.tgz
This is the version in the zips directory. 

> Since we are going to make noweb a dependence also axiom.sty.pamphlet 
> should remove the noweb related code and has it replaced by
> \usepackage{noweb}
> Otherwise, we might run into trouble with newer versions of noweb and 
> incompatible changes to noweb.sty.

There are axiom-specific latex tags. This is likely to increase
rather than decrease. This should be expected as we depend more
on latex as our tool. For instance, I have an as-yet-unpublished 
tag set that removes the use of


and replaces it with latex syntax


The axiom.sty is intended to ensure that we can correctly and
consistently translate axiom pamphlet files. This is similar
to the policy of places like the AMS or Universities creating
their own style files.


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