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Re: [Axiom-developer] SVN problems

From: root
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] SVN problems
Date: Mon, 4 Sep 2006 21:08:41 -0400

> Although the answer is irrelevant to Tim's situation, I do not
> have a solution to the problems on Windows yet. Most recently
> I upgraded my version of TortioseSVN but the problem did not
> go away. My next attempt will be to install the cygwin version
> of SVN and try it that way. Of course since we don't build
> Axiom under cygwin on Windows, that is less than desirable.
> Perhaps there is another native Windows version of SVN besides
> Tortoise?

I tried to use windows but the disk is formatted for FAT32.
For some reason the filenames fail to match under windows.
For instance, in the license subdirectory there is (on linux)
an uppercase filename 'LICENSE.AXIOM' which stays uppercase
on the FAT32 disk. But there is an uppercase 'LICENSE.CC'
in the same directory on the same disk which gets stored as
'' (lowercase). I can't figure out the pattern.
And the system considers '' and 'LICENSE.CC' equivalent
names but diff doesn't agree which seriously complicates the compare.

> I believe that this would happen if the files you are modifying
> are incorrectly labelled as 'text' files.

True. Apparently SVN likes to rewrite end-of-line characters.
I don't know why.
> I expect this would happen for example to .jpg and .zip files
> already in the repository that are not properly labelled as
> 'binary'. You need to change this attribute in SVN for these
> files before doing the commit.

Well, it's not quite that simple as there is no 'binary' attribute
in SVN. But I did find the equivalent command, at least I think I
did, and changed it for the files. See PATCH49-50/PATCHES.

And it is not simply 'binary' vs 'text' apparently. SOME of the
.patch files (not all, which puzzles) in zips have been changed
by SVN. The .patch files are clearly text.


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