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Re: [Axiom-developer] Translation of the interp to lisp

From: root
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] Translation of the interp to lisp
Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2006 19:47:50 -0400

> 1.  Where is the most current work on that translation?  Is it in the
> silver/gold branches?  Or one of the tla archives?  (Sorry if I missed
> this in my archive hunt - there were a lot of emails on the general
> subject).

the current work is on my local disk. the first fruits are in 
bookvol5.pamphlet. i'm currently working on decoding the interface
between the parser and the rest of the system (ptrees, pf2sex). 
this is the place where the input syntax gets turned into s-expressions
and will give us a clue about how to modify the input language.

> 2.  I noticed a lot of implementation specific code having to do with
> things like (system:getenv $AXIOM) - is the plan to write some generic
> macros to handle these operations and get all of the implementation
> specific logic into one file?

yes, there are a lot of #+ and #- blocks of code laying around.
these are gradually being collected into bookvol5 and generalized.

it appears that you are trying to get axiom running in ansi (say,
sbcl).  one possible path is to use the debugsys.lisp file and try
loading it into sbcl. for each failure, modify the original pamphlet
file. eventually you'll have an set of lisp files that load. at that
point you can try running some of the input files thru the ansi image.
if they succeed you can diff the pamphlet files and post the patches.

once we have an idea of the ansi differences the next task will be
to either try to get it running in GCL again or move the system onto


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