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[Axiom-developer] Re: axiom bibliography

From: C Y
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Re: axiom bibliography
Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2006 08:25:24 -0700 (PDT)

I have no idea how useful this might in the future (it might be that
this is useful only for the "bootstrapping" of the bibliography file)
but I'll document what was done anyway just in case we ever have to do
this again.  

>From the directory axiom-patch##-cvs:

grep -r \\author{ */*/*.pamphlet > completelist.txt
grep -r \\author{ */*/*/*.pamphlet >> completelist.txt

Now create a file called "temp1.awk" with the following content: 

 { FS = ":" }
 { sub(/\}/, "") }
 { gsub(/\,/, " and ") }
 { sub(/\\author\{/, "") }
 { namestrng = $1 }
 { titlestrng = $1 }
 { sub(/.pamphlet/,"",titlestrng) }
 { sub(/\_/,"\\_",$1) }
 { print "@PAMPHLET{"namestrng",\n  author={"$2"},\n 
title={"titlestrng"},\n  howpublished = {Axiom},\n 
url={src/algebra/"$1"},\n  owner={user},\n  timestamp =
{2006.06.11},\n}\n" }

(the print line is all on one line in my file, in case the email
clients mess with it)

and run the following command:

gawk -f temp1.awk completelist.txt > axiomtest.bib

Then insert this command at the end of axiomtest.bib (for jabref)

@comment{jabref-entrytype: Pamphlet: req[]

It's extremely crude (especially the grep extraction of info) but it

Then I edited the DeveloperNotes entry so it appears as follows:

  author = {Timothy Daly},
  title = {int/doc/DeveloperNotes},
  abstract = {This file contains a random collection of facts about
Axiom intended
        for developers. It talks about directory structure, internal
        debugging tools, and gives a cookbook for using CVS. There is nothing
        of interest for the end user.},
  howpublished = {Axiom},
  url = {src/algebra/int/doc/DeveloperNotes.pamphlet},
  annote = {A general collection of notes intended to assist developers
who are
        new to Axiom, based on a variety of discussions between current
        Recommended, even though it still needs to be organized into a more
        coherent structure.},
  owner = {user},
  timestamp = {2006.06.11},

and added this entry:

  author = {M J Duff and L B Okun and G Veneziano},
  title = {Trialogue on the number of fundamental constants},
  year = {2002},
  volume = {0203},
  pages = {023},
  pdf = {},
  eprint = {arxiv:physics/0110060},
  owner = {user},
  timestamp = {2006.07.09},

in order to test both aspects of the "advanced" bib behavior.  I then
combined (using kompare, which is quite nice, but the tool choice is
irrelevant) the annotation modifications found on the internet for bst
files with the ToC bst file (the changes in the ToC are much more
extensive).  I suppose we should put together an axiom.bst file as a
literate document, but that's beyond my current resources (the bibtex
language used for bst files is a bit odd, and I am no expert).  I think
I have a file that is usable, and perhaps we can start minimally and
work up.

There is a file here which
combines the annotation stuff with a categorization field.  I think it
would be interesting to adopt the MSC2000 categories and use this
feature or one like it to organize (optionally anyway) our
bibliography.  I have some more experimentation to do to find out if
this makes sense, and more to figure out how to do it "right", but if
it does work it is something we will want to incorporate from the
beginning.  My hunch is that organizing both Axiom pamphlets and the
bibliography via MSC will prove to be the most coherent thing to do in
the long term both for us and for the mathematical community as a


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