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Re: [Axiom-developer] .svn recursive copying bug

From: Gabriel Dos Reis
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] .svn recursive copying bug
Date: 03 Jul 2006 00:03:42 +0200

Ralf Hemmecke <address@hidden> writes:

| Hello Tim, hello Gaby,
| I am a bit confused now, Why do we have the silver branch if all goes
| immediately to Tim's private gold branch? Shouldn't we have the policy
| that a patch is sent to silver then it needs someone to approve and
| then Tim could easily extract it from the silver branch (even together
| with the svn log and/or ChangeLog).

That has always been my understanding.

The situation I would like to avoid is that patches are checked in on
gold branch, but not the vislver branch -- when the problem affects
all branches.

| For this simple modification of the TWO files
|    Makefile.pamphlet and
|    src/scripts/Makefile.pamphlet
| it is perhaps not a big modification so that I could commit it
| directly to the trunk.

Completely agreed.

| But, Gaby, what is the general rule (for
| someone who has write access to Silver)?

The general algorithm is
  (1) send a patch  (against silver branch)
  (2) get it reviewed and approved
  (3) apply it to silver branch

| Would that be as follows?
|    1) open up a new branch
|    2) make modifications (fix bugs or whatever)
|    3) announce the bugfix to the list
|    4) wait for approval of some other axiom-developer
|    5) someone (who?) merges the changes back to the trunk
|    6) Tim could extract modifications to his private Gold-branch

I thinkk step 1) is necessary if and only if the fix involves very
substantial modification as the one being done with recent algebra
commits.  Step 5) should be done by the maintainer of the branch.

| Would that be a reasonable policy? In fact, I would be happy if I
| could find such a policy somewhere on the wiki. In particular, I would
| like just to do one single 'diff -Naur', but that seems to force me to
| have an extra unmodified branch on my harddisk.
| I am not for any SCM war I am just eager to learn about maintaining
| big projects. In particular for Axiom, submitting patches that apply
| to several files should be made simpler. It should be allowed to
| simply commit to a branch at Axiom silver.

Point taken and I very much appreciate the you looking into these


-- Gaby

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