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[Axiom-developer] groebsol.spad compile etc...

From: Raymond E. Rogers
Subject: [Axiom-developer] groebsol.spad compile etc...
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2006 21:19:12 -0500
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        Thank you for your responses.  I am simply nosing around seeing if I
can understand and solve the problem that I stated earlier in:
SandBox Shortcoming
(Which is totally a wrong title.)
        I have no idea whether whether the problem would be solved in time.  I
did let it run for some period of time: 10's of minutes.  I was just
trying to look inside the solver to see what was going on.  With your
suggestions I have greater hope of progressing.  I don't have good
control yet, since I get strange answers from time to time.  Ignorance
of Axiom together with only a superficial knowledge of Algebraic
Geometry makes the going slow.
        Although the Axiom failure has motivated my company to get me Maple for
the problem, I would like to help free software along.  I personally
think that the availability of good free software is the only way for
deprived people to gain equity in some future civilization.


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