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[Axiom-developer] [DoyenCD] Doyen Lived - with Drag and Drop

From: wrivera
Subject: [Axiom-developer] [DoyenCD] Doyen Lived - with Drag and Drop
Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2006 22:59:37 -0600

**Doyen-livecd Beta**

After a few days of tweaking the current Latexwiki, we are proud to say that we 
have successfully built a Doyen-livecd with support for pamphlet-wiki pages. In 
addition to the latter a new feature known as the Doyen drag and drop box has 
been implemented, using DTML and Python, and added to the Doyen-Wiki. The user 
is now able to drag remote links of pamphlet files into the drag and drop box 
and use the provided buttons to create a new local pamphlet-wiki page 

The doyen development has uploaded the lastest doyen-livecd iso for testing 
purposes. We are working on the latest documentation for this project and would 
encourage all doyen testers to provide as much feedback as possible. We at the 
Doyen labs are always open to comments and new suggestions on how to enhance 
and improve the doyen project. For more information on doyen and other doyen 
projects or if you are interested in assisting with the development of doyen 
please join our mailing-list 

 At the moment I would like to give many thanks to Tim Daly, Bill Page and all 
that have worked with us in fixing the bugs in the past builds. 

**Latest iso**

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