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[Axiom-developer] RE: Doyen

From: Bill Page
Subject: [Axiom-developer] RE: Doyen
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2006 22:26:18 -0500


On January 20, 2006 6:58 PM you wrote:

> I am having a little problem with the pamphlets and the
> latex wiki. I get this error:
> noweb: cd '/var/zope/var/LatexWiki/Doyen';
> -delay 'LatexWiki.pamphlet' > ' LatexWiki.tex'
> /usr/local/axiom/mnt/linux/bin/lib/noweave: line 268:
>  /root/axiom--main--1--patch-30/mnt/fedora3/bin/lib/markup: Permission
> /usr/local/axiom/mnt/linux/bin/lib/noweave: line 291:
>  /root/axiom--main--1--patch-30/mnt/fedora3/bin/lib/totex: Permission
> Looking into the noweave file I see this line:
> line 5: LIB=/root/axiom--main--1--patch-30/mnt/fedora3/bin/lib
> I guess my axiom installation does not have this.
> Is that a patch that I am missing? If it is, is that the
> full path?

This variable in 'noweave' should be pointing to the location
where noweb was installed as part of the Axiom build. My guess
is that


is (or at least was at one time) the root of your Axiom source
directory. I don't think that this is a missing patch. It might
just be that Axiom was at patch-30 when the directory was first
created by the 'tla' command. I presume that your source version
of Axiom has been updated since patch-30 since we are now at
about patch-43, I think.

Probably you moved or copied the Axiom binaries to


(Maybe this was done as part of the Axiom 'make install'?)

Or is the version of Axiom you are running obtained from one of
the binary distributions? In that case maybe there is an error in
the noweave LIB variable of that distribution.

In any case, in order to use 'noweave' in it's present location
you will also have to change this variable. My guess is that it
should be:


'noweave' must be able to access the files named 'markup' and
'totex' which would normally be located in the same directory.

Bill Page.

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