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[Axiom-developer] RE: address@hidden: Doyen]

From: Bill Page
Subject: [Axiom-developer] RE: address@hidden: Doyen]
Date: Mon, 26 Dec 2005 12:57:09 -0500

On December 26, 2005 1:26 AM Tim Daly (root) wrote:

> Can you tell Alfredo how to upload files to the wiki?
> Or set up a directory? It would be good to have the
> instructions for creating a doyen cd on the wiki.

For the instructions I suggest adding a new link to the

Just click edit and add a short introductory paragraph that
includes a wiki page name (any word having more than one uppercase
letter) suchs as DoyenCD. Then Save the page and there will be
an "empty" link with a blue ? question mark beside it. Click on
the ? to create a new page. Add the instructions there (usually
cut and paste from somewhere else) and click save.

If you want to practice first, you can start instead at the
SandBox page:

Edit and create a page here using the same method as above.
The difference is just that anything you do "in the SandBox"
is not broadcast to the list.

On Sun, 25 Dec 2005 22:35:12 -0500 Alfredo Portes wrote:
> I have a request for you. Is it possible to have a directory
> in called Doyen, where I can put files to 
> download when doing the instructions (eg. wget .....). This is
> because files that are being used in the instructions keep being
> moved, and the links dont work anymore. In this way, we can have
> when needed.

Generally I would discourage you from creating a secondary
distribution for common software such as 'wget'. I don't think
it has moved from it's home in a long time:

Perhaps you just need to choose the links more carefully?

If you are sure that you want to do this, we could however do it
several different ways. One would be for you to have a developer
account on A second way would be for you to
register for access to the Axiom Portal. On the portal you have
your own private workspace where you can upload whatever you want
and let people download it from there.

> I am just finishing revising the instructions, (the problem of
> the internet in the lab continues, so I am working at home).
> You told me that you wanted to have a version that can display
> a latex file. What about a pamphlet file? I emailed Mr. Page to
> have some information on the way MathAction can support pamphlets.

I am sorry that the holidays have delayed my intention to update
the latexwiki repository with the newest version of the pamphlet
support code. If you already have LatexWiki working with Axiom
support, then adding the pamphlet support should be quite easy.
I will let you know as soon as it is available. In the mean time
you might want to read the page:

for some background information on how it works.

Bill Page.

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