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Re: [Axiom-developer] [FrontPage] same font on all pages?

From: michel . lavaud
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] [FrontPage] same font on all pages?
Date: Sat, 17 Dec 2005 01:37:39 +0100

Hello Bill,

On 16 Dec 2005 at 13:10, billpage wrote:

> Changes
> --
> The font style is easily changed.
> I changed the style so that the same font (verdana, arial,
> helvetica, sans-serif in order of preference) is used on
> all pages?
> Does everyone agree that this looks better? Or does anyone
> have another suggestion for choice of fonts?

Very nice and very readable, great !

I have only a concern for French people : in the upper corner of the Home page, I see "derni?re ?dition il y a 4 heures par billpage", i.e. e with grave accent and e with acute accent are replaced by question mark. And in all other pages, I have the same phrase "derni?re ?dition il y a ...."

Of course, this is absolutely not important by itself, but I think it would be nevertheless important to correct it, because it could be misleading for beginning French users and could lead to incorrect display of some pages. Indeed, if I connect for the first time and I see a part in French, but with question marks instead of accented letters, the first reaction is to correct the encoding and to select "Encodage des caracteres = occidental ISO 8859-1". And now I get the correct accented characters in the small part in French, and the rest of the text in English is correct, so I am happy in a beautiful multilingual world :-)

But if I go to the page
(and this is quite probable that  I will go, since it is the first link of the first sentence of the Home page :-)  I see once again question marks in the upper corner, and  I see also after "" in parenthesis (supposed to be the pronunciation ?) other strange characters - the characters "a" and "i" with u accent on them, and question marks inside the word. So, the natural reaction again is to change encoding to ISO 8859-1. Then the upper part recovers French accents, and there appears a different display in parentheses for the pronunciation, with another set of strange characters.

So, what is the correct one ? The first one, the second one or none?

Of course, once again this is not at all important, as it is just a comment. But it might be more annoying for more important information, or if (some day) MathAction would use jsmath or other fonts for math formulas ? I see from the the source code of the pages that they use UTF-8 encoding, so I would suppose it would require just a small modification of the configuration of Plone for French on the server, writing accented letters in Unicode or something like that ? Or is it more complicated, and there is also something to configure on the local machines ?

Best wishes,

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