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RE: [Axiom-developer] hyperlinked algebra

From: Bill Page
Subject: RE: [Axiom-developer] hyperlinked algebra
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2005 22:23:30 -0500

On December 15, 2005 5:46 AM Ralf Hemmecke wrote:
> ... 
> Is there any chance to get this translated to html? As I have
> read GraphViz can output SVG, but I have no idea how to use it.

Yes. GraphViz can generate several different formats that are
compatible with HTML. SVG might be interesting but it is not
yet widely supported by browsers. One alternative is to use
just a simple png image with a "image map". The map associates
urls with specific areas in the image. The image can be displayed
in the standard manner in HTML. Graphviz can generate both the
image and the map from the same input as used in the LaTeX
examples. The end result would be equivalent to the way this
works now in the pdf pamphlet files. 

On MathAction it is possible right now to display GraphViz output
in HTML by processing it as an embedded LaTeX snippet, like this:

\digraph { ... }

But this way it is not possible to associate the image with a
map. What I have in mind is to allow \digraph {...} to appear
directly in the Structured Text and to process it directly as
png plus image map. This might take a day or two of programming.

Bill Page.

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