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RE: [Axiom-developer] hyperlinked algebra

From: C Y
Subject: RE: [Axiom-developer] hyperlinked algebra
Date: Fri, 9 Dec 2005 12:45:03 -0800 (PST)

--- Bill Page <address@hidden> wrote:

> I think SVG is too general. We should use a graph description
> language such as the GraphViz dot format.

I agree SVG is not the way to go, but I have reservations about
depending on graphviz.

> > The second point is nearly impossible for a program. 
> > TouchGraph is not so bad, but I have the feeling that I don't
> > easily get an  _overview_ of the packages etc.
> I think programs that include more sophisticated graph layout
> algorithms combined with manual graph manipulation might make
> this possible. In Axiom the shear scale of the algebra graph
> with 1,300 nodes and about 20,000 edges is just too much for
> currently available software. But with a little intellegent 
> help from a human designer - picking an pruning the graph in a
> relevant manner - I think that it should be doable.

I always thought the idea of levels might make sense here - each "part"
of Axiom being a single graph node which links to further graph trees. 
Clearly Axiom is far too complex to be usably visualized in any one

> > So getting a good Graph of the Algebra is not easy no matter 
> > whether we use pstricks or xypic.
> I think we should look at automatic graph layout tools like
> GraphViz.
> I works surprizing well.

For static graphs I agree, but I don't think it can do hyperlinking to
source files.  I think what we want is something that generates a
layout using the algorithms of graphviz and then applies that to
generate the xypic or pstricks TeX needed for display.

Remember, one of the goals is to eventually publish the entire Axiom
system via lulu in book form, so to some extent we must always keep
that in mind.  And I have a hunch hyperlinked pdfs are probably going
to be a favorite for web distribution ;-).

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