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[Axiom-developer] Re: ALLPROSE --> tex4ht --> html

From: Ralf Hemmecke
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Re: ALLPROSE --> tex4ht --> html
Date: Thu, 01 Dec 2005 14:10:05 +0100
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Well, that is not my point. I could write those simple things myself. The problem is that there is no reliable way to get access to the TeX string that appears inside all the htlatex like scripts.

If I get access to that and also to the parameters of tex4ht and t4ht, that would make me happy. For now I could simply extract them from htlatex and hardcode them into my own script, but that will break my code whenever you decide to change something so I need a reliable API.


Eitan Gurari wrote:

Some users devised scripts along the following lines.

     latex ...
     bibtex...    call, if needed
     makeindex... call, if needed
     latex ...    repeat until the dvi file doesn't change
     tex4ht ...
     t4ht ...

I never tried those scripts, but I believe I have one somewhere in the
emails I got.  I'll try to find it forward the code to you (in about
3--4 weeks).

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