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[Axiom-developer] --patch46

From: root
Subject: [Axiom-developer] --patch46
Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2005 21:21:18 -0500

--patch-46 is up on arch. soon, but not yet, up on savannah or sourceforge.

the executable images are building.

the key change in this version is to be found in

This is the beginning of the documentation of the interpreter.
Later work will document the compiler, the browser, the graphics,
the algebra, etc.



20051030 tpd --patch-46
20051030 tpd src/interp/Makefile add BOOK, mv bookvol5 to ${BOOK}
20051030 tpd src/interp/HowItWorks removed
20051030 tpd src/etc/Makefile remove AXIOM variable from axiom cmd
20051030 tpd src/algebra/Makefile copy libdb.text to mnt/linux/algebra
20051030 wys src/lib/pixmap.c uncompress -> gunzip
20051030 mxr src/algebra/perman.spad nextSubsetGray documentation fix
20051030 mxr src/algebra/transsolve.spad patch solveList for empty list
20051030 tpd src/interp/vmlisp.lisp remove statisticsInitialization
20051030 tpd src/interp/util.lisp loadExposureGroupData
20051030 tpd src/interp/util.lisp remove reroot, init-memory-config, spad-save
20051030 tpd src/interp/util.lisp remove make-absolute-filename, initroot
20051030 tpd src/interp/sockio.lisp remove SpadServerName
20051030 tpd src/interp/setq.lisp remove history variables
20051030 tpd src/interp/pathname.boot remove history functions
20051030 tpd src/interp/patches.lisp remove restart, set-restart-hook
20051030 tpd src/interp/packtran.boot remove ncTopLevel
20051030 tpd src/interp/nci.lisp remove ncIntLoop
20051030 tpd src/interp/Makefile remove i-hist, undo. add bookvol5
20051030 tpd src/interp/i-util.boot remove makeInitialModemapFrame
20051030 tpd src/interp/i-toplev.boot remove spad, runspad
20051030 tpd src/interp/i-syscmd.boot remove )frame handling
20051030 tpd src/interp/int-top.boot remove SpadInterpretStream
20051030 tpd src/interp/int-top.boot remove intloop
20051030 tpd src/interp/int-top.boot remove intloopReadConsole
20051030 tpd src/interp/intint.lisp remove intSpadServer
20051030 tpd src/interp/i-hist.boot deleted
20051030 tpd src/interp/debugsys add shell variable checking
20051030 tpd src/interp/debugsys use *sys*, not *src*
20051030 tpd src/interp/debugsys bookvol5 added
20051030 tpd src/interp/bookvol5 added
20051030 tpd Makefile fix clean to remove int, obj, mnt
20051030 tpd Makefile add WEAVE ENV variable
20051027 mxr src/algebra/combfunc.spad reduce equal sums to zero
20051025 tpd src/doc/msgs/s2-us.msgs add S2IH0029, missing msg
20051020 gxv src/algebra/naalg.spad fix FRNAAF2 bug
20051019 tpd FAQ explain how to run debugsys.lisp
20051019 tpd src/interp/debugsys check shell variable settings
20051019 tpd src/interp/debugsys introduce *build-version* variable
20051019 tpd src/interp/debugsys lookup ${SYS} and insert in code
20050915 tpd Makefile --enable-maxpage changed from 128 to 256

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