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[Axiom-developer] RE: tex4ht and jsmath

From: Page, Bill
Subject: [Axiom-developer] RE: tex4ht and jsmath
Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2005 04:29:31 -0400


On Thursday, October 20, 2005 1:37 AM you wrote:
> I'll provide a jsmath mode. Probably during the winter break.
> Maybe before that.


>  > But our "acid test" - a pamphlet file called
>  > 'dhmatrix.spad.pamphlet', which can be processed by dvipdfm
>  > to a good quality pdf file - fails quite miserably with many
>  > oddly placed MathML tags ... :( 
> I got the xhtml+mathml code:

Very Nice! - By far the best MathML result I have seen so far!

But maybe it's a bit shocking though that the MathML result
is nearly twice the size of the pdf file. :( Well, I guess
I knew that MathML was verbose ...
> Some visual problems need to be corrected, in particular for
> \eqno.

I think that's a macro in axiom.sty?

> I made the following modifications to get the above outcome.
> * Removed the 
>      <<....>>
>      ...
>      @
>   fragments, since I was not able to locate axiom.tex.

These fragments are the 'noweb' source code markups that are
normally handled by the 'noweave' preprocessing which produces
pure LaTeX output. Editing this by hand is ok for this test but
noweave will also generate some extra LaTeX coding that will be
inserted before processing by 'latex'.

> * Fixed in mathml.4ht
>      \T<\a:mathml mtr>
>   into
>      \Tg<\a:mathml mtr>

This was a bug and patch to tex4ht, right?

When you have time, could you also look at the result of
processing the 'tex' from the following page:

(right-click, save-as on the 'tex' link). This is the example
where I found many occurrences of </msub>...<msub> with improper
start and end tags. Does that also happen to you?

> * Added {\csname HCode\endcsname{}} before ^ in the following 
> three formulas
>       ${^{HAND}{\bf tv}}_{\bf x}$, 
>       ${^{HAND}{\bf tv}}_{\bf y}$, 
>       ${^{HAND}{\bf tv}}_{\bf z}$. 
>       $${\bf Rot(k,\theta)} = {\bf Rot(^C{\bf 
> z},\theta)}\eqno(1.60)$$ 
>   As far as TeX is concerned, in all of the cases a base {} 
> should have been included.  TeX4ht in many occasions has
> problems with empty bases because they don't show in the dvi
> code.

Ah I see, like this ${{}^{HANB} ... $

> The code {\csname HCode\endcsname{}} works for TeX and TeX4ht.

What does this code do? (Do I need to know? :) It looks very
contrived as a synonym for {}.

>       coordinate frames & {\bf I}, {\bf A}, {\bf CONV}\\ 
>       \end{tabular}\\ 
> ... 
>    The extra \\ at the end is also inappropriate for LaTeX.
> Well, garbage in garbage out ;-)
>   Wrong way to introduce text:   $${\rm {or\  as\ \ \ }} ... $$ 
>   Wrong way to introduce 
>          functions (sin, cos):   sin \theta &  cos \theta & 0 & 0\cr 
>   Wrong way to emphasize math:   {\bf x}
>   etc......

Well, please define "wrong way" - latex and dvipdfm swallowed all
that with out a complaint. I will agree that the contents of the
file is a little crufty, but certainly no worse that a code of LaTeX
coding I have seen.

Besides a stronger discipline, how can we insure that our LaTeX
coding meets certain minimum standards so that it doesn't cause
the conversion programs to barf? Do you know of any sort of 'lint'
program for LaTeX that could detect and warn about the "wrong way"
of doing things?

Again, thank you very much for your help.

Bill Page.

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