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[Axiom-developer] RE: tex4ht and jsmath

From: Eitan Gurari
Subject: [Axiom-developer] RE: tex4ht and jsmath
Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2005 01:36:58 -0400


 > I took a look at this file but this sort of LaTeX coding is
 > way past my level of incompetence! I will be very happy if
 > or when you have time to modify it to create a jsmath mode! :)

I'll provide a jsmath mode. Probably during the winter break.  Maybe
before that.

 > But our "acid test" - a pamphlet file called
 > 'dhmatrix.spad.pamphlet', which can be processed by dvipdfm
 > to a good quality pdf file - fails quite miserably with many
 > oddly placed MathML tags ... :( 

I got the xhtml+mathml code:

Some visual problems need to be corrected, in particular for \eqno.

I made the following modifications to get the above outcome.

* Removed the 
  fragments, since I was not able to locate axiom.tex.

* Fixed in mathml.4ht

     \T<\a:mathml mtr>


     \Tg<\a:mathml mtr>

* Added {\csname HCode\endcsname{}} before ^ in the following three formulas

      ${^{HAND}{\bf tv}}_{\bf x}$, 
      ${^{HAND}{\bf tv}}_{\bf y}$, 
      ${^{HAND}{\bf tv}}_{\bf z}$. 
      $${\bf Rot(k,\theta)} = {\bf Rot(^C{\bf z},\theta)}\eqno(1.60)$$ 

  As far as TeX is concerned, in all of the cases a base {} should have
  been included.  TeX4ht in many occasions has problems with empty bases
  because they don't show in the dvi code.  The code
  {\csname HCode\endcsname{}} works for TeX and TeX4ht.

* Replaced

      vectors & {\bf v}, {\bf x1}, {\bf x} \\ 
      planes  & $\bigp$, $\bigq$ \\ 
      coordinate frames & {\bf I}, {\bf A}, {\bf CONV}\\ 


      vectors & {\bf v}, {\bf x1}, {\bf x} \\ 
      planes  & $\bigp$, $\bigq$ \\ 
      coordinate frames & {\bf I}, {\bf A}, {\bf CONV}\\ 

   The extra \\ at the end is also inappropriate for LaTeX.

 > In fact of those TeX to HTML/MathML systems that I have tried
 > so far, Hevea, Tth, and Tex4ht; none have successfully processed
 > this file in a manner that I would judge to be acceptable to an
 > online reader.

Well, garbage in garbage out ;-)

  Wrong way to introduce text:   $${\rm {or\  as\ \ \ }} ... $$ 
  Wrong way to introduce 
         functions (sin, cos):   sin \theta &  cos \theta & 0 & 0\cr 
  Wrong way to emphasize math:   {\bf x}


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