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[Axiom-developer] [#210 Pamphlet support on MathAction] (new)

From: Bill Page
Subject: [Axiom-developer] [#210 Pamphlet support on MathAction] (new)
Date: Sat, 01 Oct 2005 22:46:56 -0500

We would like to be able to edit and display Axiom pamphlet
files on MathAction. Pamphlet files contain both source code
and documentation. All of the files necessary to build Axiom
are pamphlet files. The format is LaTeX plus some extra markup
for code sections and must be preprocessed by a "noweb" filter
before LaTeX.

Pamphlet files on MathAction would allow easy access to Axiom
system documentation plus the ablity to collaboratively edit
the Axiom source and documentation through the web. Development
versions of Axiom could then be built directly from the modified
pamphlet files. This should significantly shorten the time
required to enhance and maintain the system.

Proposed Design: Embedded PDF

  See example page [SandBox Embeded PDF]

It is well known that conversion to HTML does not produce hiqh
quality presentations of LaTeX content. LaTeX can be easily
rendered as publication quality pdf, but the pdf format itself
is not well suited as a web format. pdf is a proprietary format
although viewers, browser plugins and pdf creation software is
freely. The use of pdf is a compromize that is made necessary by technical 
limitations of current web browser software.

It is possible to embed a pdf document inside an HTML web page
and to automatically generate such pages from pamphlet source
files stored as a new 'pamphlet' ZWiki PageType on MathAction.
Pamphlet files would be edited like any other wiki page and
rendered as pdf embedded in HTML, as shown on the example page, when 'Preview' 
or 'Save' is clicked.

In case no pdf viewer plug-in is installed in the browser,
ordinary links are provided to download the pdf file, or
alternatively a dvi format file, and also the source file

In addition to rendering the pamphlet content as pdf, clicking
the 'Save' button will also automatically update an associated
source code archive with the modified source. This will enable
developers to quickly build and test new versions of Axiom.

Please visit [SandBox Embeded PDF] to see an example of how a
pamphlet file will look in MathAction. At present this is just
a mockup built from files generated manually. In the final
working system clicking 'edit' will allow editing of the
pamphlet source code. It would be very useful if you could
leave a comment on this page describing how the page looks in
your browser.

Implementation of the new 'pamphlet' PageType in Axiom is
estimated to require only about two or three days of programming
and testing.

Your comments on this design would be most welcome.

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