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[Axiom-developer] status

From: daly
Subject: [Axiom-developer] status
Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2005 22:43:15 -0500


Like Bill, I'll be away (in Germany next week, Arlington VA, the week
after) but I'll likely have some web access. I have a priority work
item that is due ever so shortly so I'm going to be rather heads-down
for a little while concentrating on getting it done.

It isn't important which lisp you choose as the browser/graphics lisp
will run in a separate process. And we can figure out porting issues
after it works.

Like Bill with http I have my own hot topic. I'd hope you plan to use
a literate programming style in developing the new code. It'll make
the integration task much easier as I don't have to reverse-engineer
and document the code before merge.

I did have an extended discussion with my son about the various tools
you've mentioned and he convinced me that AJAX was a worthwhile path.
Of course, having come to that understanding I now find you've got a
good reason to abandon it. sigh. :-)

Bill makes a good point about the task of understanding BOOT code.
If you figure out a piece of Axiom technology it is important to
write it down. The steps would be:

given foo.file
cp foo.file foo.file.kai
modify foo.file.kai
diff -Naur foo.file foo.file.kai >foo.file.patch
cat foo.file.patch | mail -s "foo.file.patch" address@hidden

to send me the patches. The idea is that each person's understanding
of a portion of Axiom gets captured and written down. If you're going
to take the time to understand it the extra time to document that
understanding gets multiplied over every future user.


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