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[Axiom-developer] --patch-41

From: daly
Subject: [Axiom-developer] --patch-41
Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2005 06:02:53 -0500

Axiom is now on gcl-2.6.7pre.

 (a) try to merge the windows branch again.
 (b) sweep over the bug list to see what's been fixed.
 (c) set up a local FreeBSD box and work on a version.

Before I leave I will make an end of month "cut" and push that out to
savannah and sourceforge.

Summary: move to gcl-2.6.7pre
Keywords: daly 

20050724 tpd --patch-41
20050724 tpd src/graph/view2D/viewport2D.c fix ambiguous statement structures
20050724 tpd src/doc/Makefile fix DeveloperNotes to use latex, not document
20050724 tpd src/doc/Makefile fix book to use latex rather than document
20050724 tpd src/doc/Makefile fix Rosetta to use latex rather than document
20050724 tpd src/interp/daase.lisp probe-file -> truename
20050724 tpd lsp/Makefile section GCL-2.6.7pre created
20050724 tpd zips/gcl-2.6.7pre.unixport.makefile.patch
20050724 tpd zips/gcl-2.6.7pre.h.linux.defs.patch
20050724 tpd zips/ created
20050724 tpd zips/gcl-2.6.7pre.cmpnew.gcl_cmpflet.lsp.patch created
20050724 tpd zips/gcl-2.6.7pre.cmpnew.gcl_cmpcall.lsp.patch created
20050724 tpd Makefile changed for gcl-2.6.7pre
20050724 tpd zips/gcl-2.6.7pre.tgz created
20050629 tpd FAQ add FAQ 34: How can I find out about a domain?
20050629 tpd FAQ add FAQ 33: How do I run hypertex standalone?
20050619 tpd src/input/Makefile pmint.input added
20050619 tpd src/input/pmint.input added

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