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[Axiom-developer] [#191 exquo and therefore gcd cannot handle UP(x, EXPR

From: wyscc
Subject: [Axiom-developer] [#191 exquo and therefore gcd cannot handle UP(x, EXPR INT)] Conclusion
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2005 19:39:36 -0500

So Mathaction should give a warning that in using the reply box (instead of 
directly editing the page), a new session of Axiom is initiated.

My analysis of Mon, 11 Jul 2005 18:18:25 -0500 was not supported (but might 
still be the explanation). When done in step by step, Axiom does coerce 'r' 
correctly to what a normal user would expect. So the question is: why would it 
make a difference when everything is put on one line? 

My guess is that when the command is in one line, the arguments are evaluated 
first (supported by the sequence displayed with ')set mess bot on' ) and the 
coercion is done without the benefit of knowledge that 'gcd' is to be involved. 
Without this, the coercion from 'EXPR INT' to 'UP(x,EXPR INT)' is one from the 
coefficient to the univariate polynomial ring. Then the gcd is performed 
without further problem and yields '1'.  In the step by step case, even though 
in 'gcd(p,r)', 'r' has type 'EXPR INT', the Interpreter is looking for a map 
'gcd' and not finding one, will now coerce 'r' to 'UP(x, EXPR INT)' and this 
time, the coercion was done in a different way. Unfortunately, ')set mess bot 
on' does not help here.

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