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[Axiom-developer] Semantic content in the static HTML version of HyperDo

From: Page, Bill
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Semantic content in the static HTML version of HyperDoc
Date: Fri, 8 Jul 2005 21:34:15 -0400


In your conversion from the hyperdoc .ht and .pht files to XHTML
pages I think you should try to retain as much semantic information
as possible. Specifically, I think it is important to be able to
identify Axiom commands and the corresponding Axiom output which
is pasted into the .ht files from the .pht files. This information
could be used later for example, to replace the ASCII text art with
prettier LaTeX output from Axiom which could then be rendered by

So for example where we see:

  This is the ring of coefficients.
  \spadpaste{coefRing := Integer \bound{coefRing}}

in the '/doc/hypertex/pages/' file and

  \tab{5}\spadcommand{coefRing := Integer\bound{coefRing }}
     (1)  Integer
                                             Type: Domain

in the '/doc/hypertex/pages/DERHAM.pht' file, you currently

  <pre>coefRing := Integer</pre>
     (1)  Integer
                                             Type: Domain

in the DeRhamComplexXmpPage.html file.

As we discussed in earlier email messages, I think this should
be rendered as something like:

  <div class="AxiomPatch" id="DeRhamComplexXmpPagePatch1">
  <span class="SpadCommand" bound="coefRing">coefRing := Integer</span>
  <div class="AxiomVerbatim">
     (1)  Integer
                                             Type: Domain

Of course the appropriate CSS definitions must be provided
in the hyperdoc.css stylesheet so that the formatting is
equivalent to what you product now.

This would also enable the browser to implement some dynamic
behaviours equivalent to the 'hide' and 'show' buttons for
displaying Axiom output ... and all kinds of other neat stuff.


I think the following article :

 "Behaviour is the missing link for your ajax apps.

    Or: Using CSS selectors to apply Javascript functionality

  Published by Ben Nolan, June 2004."

describes a simple and tidy way to associate JavaScript semantics
with HTML files.

See also my recent example of simple dynamic HTML to implement
"content folding" on the MathAction web site:

Although this is not (yet) and AJAX application. :)

Bill Page.

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