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[Axiom-developer] [MathAction problems] edit and preview window synchron

From: billpage
Subject: [Axiom-developer] [MathAction problems] edit and preview window synchronization
Date: Wed, 06 Jul 2005 19:17:17 -0500

William Sit wrote:

> I can synchronize (manually) the editing and preview.

Try clicking the box labelled 'Sync [ ]' below the edit scrollbar.
When this box is checked 'Sync [x]' the edit and preview windows are
synchronized. On Internet Explorer the sychoronization is immediate.
On FireFox (due to a bug in current version of FireFox) the sychnronization
occurs only when you click the mouse in the text window.

Please let me know how this works for you. If there is a problem,
please tell me what browser you are using.
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