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[Axiom-developer] Re: SVG, MathML, and all that

From: Kai Kaminski
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Re: SVG, MathML, and all that
Date: Fri, 01 Jul 2005 11:03:26 +0200
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Hi Bob!

Bob McElrath wrote:

Kai, in the SVG example you sent previously at:
your server is sending the content-type "image/svg-xml" for the svg
file, where it should be "image/svg+xml"  (note the "+").  Mozilla
(properly) does not understand this content-type so does not render it.
I sent an email to my provider.

nowadays)  The Mozilla SVG implementation is young, so you may want to
also install the Adobe SVG viewer:
You can switch between them by typing 'about:config' in the URL bar and
changing the value of 'svg.enabled' (which controls the built-in Mozilla
SVG implementation.  However, version 3.0 of their viewer (the only one
available) will hang all recent versions of firefox and mozilla, and is
therefore totally unusable.  :(
I think I've read somewhere that you have to use an older version. I also believe that Bill is running Firefox with Adobe, so maybe he can tell you how to get it to work.

Just to be pedantic, the document type I am contemplating is described
Essentially an interface would be a single XML file with javascript to
bind user interface widgets.
Yes, that's it. Although we might want to avoid MathML for now and rely on jsMath instead.

Here are some interesting resources/projects:
a dynamic MathML equation editor.  The application itself is written in
SVG.  (requires Adobe SVG viewer -- Mozilla doesn't like this one)
Looks quite impressive, but doesn't work very well on my system. For example some keys always generate two characters and others don't generate the correct output. But it demonstrates that one could indeed embed a mini-GUI for plot manipulation in the plot files themselves.

Here is an equation grapher that uses SVG and javascript:
(perhaps just to motivate that SVG is a good format for figures)
and here is the same using Mozilla's XUL interface:
it's intended to be run in the sidebar, which is why everything is
clustered on the left.  I'm envisioning javascript actions that would
allow the user to click on the graph to rescale axes, change labelling,
change from log to linear, etc.  I think all of these should send a
command back to axiom to regenerate the graph.
Maybe simple transformation could be done without consulting Axiom again. Either by doing the manipulations in Javascript or by including several plots with different parameters in the plot file and making all but one invisible. The software at those links doesn't work for me, by the way. I'm not sure what the problem is.


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