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RE: [Axiom-developer] Re: converting sexps to XML

From: michel . lavaud
Subject: RE: [Axiom-developer] Re: converting sexps to XML
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2005 02:15:18 +0200

Hello Bill,

On 29 Jun 2005 at 6:55, Page, Bill wrote:

> > etc.. You have just to select the portion of document in your
> > favorite editor (Emacs, or any other editor, even Word), click on
> > the Display button of AA, and the selected portion is displayed in
> > the dvi viewing window. ... For illustrations, cf.
> >
> htm >
> This sounds very similar to WhizzyTeX: "An Emacs minor mode for
> incremental viewing of LaTeX documents."

Thank you very much for pointing out this program, it seems very interesting 
and I will
test it. From your comments, it seems WhizzyTeX is half way between the mode I
described (I called partial compilation) and a second mode (automatic 
compilation) that
launches compilation on the whole document every X seconds in the background 
without intervention of the user ) iff the document has been modified in the 
This third mode of WhizzyTeX seems to be quite useful, according to your 
and it would be very nice to add it to AA. From the technical point of view, 
the two
programs seem to be quite different : AsTeX Assistant is completely independent 
Emacs, and it can be used with other editors, and also with mailers, 
spreadsheets, etc.
One of the motivations to write AA was to ease the use of TeX under Windows, to 
colleagues (i.e. teachers, researchers and students) to switch from Word to 
TeX. This
is why AA has also many more possibilities I didn't describe in the preceding 
in particular the ability to insert TeX commands in Word or other editors, or in
spreadshets, mailers, etc (cf the User's Manual of AA)..

> I have seriously considered whether it would be worth hacking the
> Emacs code to run Axiom on the \begin{axiom} ... sections before it is
> passed to ADVI. I am sure this would be very cool for the average
> Emacs hacker. But there are just so many good options available to do
> what we want with Axiom these days, that I haven't looked at doing
> this more seriously. One idea that I had was to write macros for TeX
> to invoke Axiom and process the Axiom commands. This way it would be
> completely transparent to LaTeX users.

That sounds very interesting indeed, especially because Advi is a remarkable 

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