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[Axiom-developer] HyperDoc

From: Kai Kaminski
Subject: [Axiom-developer] HyperDoc
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2005 12:37:58 +0200
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I'm currently fighting my way through the hyper source code to understand how everything works. The first thing on my list is to parse the HyperDoc pages so that I can process them in some way. I think that we need a new format for HyperDoc pages as the old one contains commands and environments that don't make much sense in a web browser.

One of the questions is if it is easier to implement a parser in Lisp or to modify hyper to produce the new format. Another is wether people would prefer to have a LaTeX-like input syntax for HyperDoc pages instead of some XML-based format, I guess the answer is yes. Since it will be useful to be able to generate HyperDoc pages from LaTeX articles implementing a parser in Lisp is probably the way to go.

What should the new page description language be like, i.e. XML or LaTeX, and which commands/environments should be supported?

If anyone has compiled hyper on OS X I would love to know about that. Other hints concerning hyper, the HyperDoc language or an existing grammar for the latter are always welcome.


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