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[Axiom-developer] reorg

From: daly
Subject: [Axiom-developer] reorg
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2005 11:29:10 -0500


And I should note that the Foo.fixed file should contain a rather
well written explanation of what the old code didn't do, what the
new code does, and why the change was necessary. The new Axiom is
made up of literate programs and simple code changes are not enough.
A patch that comes my way without a full explanation means that I
have to generate the explanation which can take a lot of time since
I have to recover all of the prior discussions.



> I must say that I'm a bit unhappy about the bug fixing - pro{c,gr}ess

I'm in the midst of packing/moving to a new city and, at the same time,
trying to build the ISSAC proceedings on a CD (a major distribution of
Axiom and Aldor among other things) so life is hectic and torn up.

That said, it would be much easier for me to apply bug fixes if I got
email that included a patch file. Given a file and Foo.fixed

diff -Naur Foo.fixed >Foo.patch

and send a patch by email.

The wiki seems like a good place for discussion but it is a hard place
for me to get patches.

As for being offline... I'm going to lose my net connection while the
house transition takes place. And I'm on the road between here and
CMU which sucks up a whole day of driving time for each direction.
So my whole net personna is going to be a bit flaky for a while.

Tim Daly

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