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[Axiom-developer] [MathAction problems] Sandbox breaking up

From: wyscc
Subject: [Axiom-developer] [MathAction problems] Sandbox breaking up
Date: Thu, 09 Jun 2005 04:30:22 -0500

Great, and thanks. So it's time to break up the Sandbox page into shorter 
pages. I tried to move Rubey's guessing sequence to a new 
Sandbox.GuessingSequence and it seems to work well. I did make a mistake by 
naming the page incorrectly without the Sandbox prefix. I also had to remove 
QuestionMark as subtopic.

For the brief time that the old Sandbox is breaking up, each change on that 
page still takes a fair amount of time, but as more and more are moved, it will 
be faster.

We can use this to set up pages where common or new packages can be tested like 
a tutorial -- much like the hyperdoc demos.
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