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[Axiom-developer] Summer Of Code

From: Martin Rubey
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Summer Of Code
Date: Fri, 3 Jun 2005 08:52:54 +0200

Dear Heow (especially!), dear Tim, Bill,

since is not going to be supported (would have been to good to be true), I
would like to embrace your offer, Heow!

Looking through the WishList and SummerOfCode page, I find the following two
projects which are probably Lisp related:

II. 1. work on the windows version of the browser and graphics

(this is definitely Lisp)

VI. 1. Complete the (re-)integration of the Aldor compiler into the open source
version of Axiom.

(not sure about this one. Certainly more difficult, however. On the other hand,
since Lisp is *the* language for implementing languages and Aldor is completely
specified, maybe it would be worthwhile and not too difficult to write a little
Aldor compiler in Lisp? -- even though this is sort of a different goal then
VI. 1.)


for details.

It would be wonderful, wonderful, wonderful if one or both of these projects
would be completed.

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